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Have you ever wanted to go into a shop and be confident enough to buy what you want?

Have you ever wanted to be a different women for the night?

Or do you just want to sex up your life?

Well I'm fed up and I'm throwing out all my old clothes cause ladies it's time for a change! For too long I've been stuck in a rut which has become quite tiring and stressful so along with a few girl friends I've started Confident but Sexy! You may know the bloggers and you may not but here were all women so don't hold anything against us and we'll do the same for you!

There's more about each and every single one of us below so why not have a good gawk! For the first few months we will try and blend in, try and get our niche about us but soon we will be up and running and hopefully you'll enjoy it here!

If you have any comments or suggestions at all then email us on confidentbutsexy@yahoo.com and one of us will reply to you soon!

And remember ladies you're all confident & sexy!


Confident but Sexy!
Last updated: 3 October 2012

Our main reasons of contact can be found below:

Email: confidentbutsexy @ yahoo.com (remove spaces)
Twitter: @ConfidentBSexy

Hi! I'm the one writing these wee snip bits, Megan  knows me personally and have accepted I want to remain anonymous for the time being! It does not disclose that I will not ever come out in the future but for the time being I'm quite shy although I will be the main admin for this blog you can contact any one of us on the above email or twitter and anyone can reply!

I hope you enjoy this blog and I hope you enjoy bringing out the confidence in you! :)

Name: Megan McDade
Age: 23
Location: UK, Northern Ireland
Twitter: @TeamWolf1988
Blog: Reading Away the Days
Brief Description:

Hi! I'm Megan, A YA book blogger. My blog link is above so feel free to check it out! If you know me from there then thanks for checking out Confident but Sexy. I will keep the two blogs separate as they are for very different reasons and things! When asked to be apart of this new blog I knew it was a far stretch to what I'm used to but I am a woman after all so.....

I'm a massive Glee fanatic... any glee fans here??

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