Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Avon - MAKE YOUR PROMISE for Breast Cancer! & Giveaway!

Hello Ladies!

How are yous all?

As you know it's October! That means one thing, break out your pink clothes and wear something pink, eat something pink or decorate your whole house pink as it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

It's the one thing a woman should always be made aware off! We should all learn how to check our breasts and we shouldn't be afraid or worried to talk about it! If you are unsure how to check yourself you should ask your doctor and you check yourself everyday! Don't be embarrassed to ask your doctor as it's normal to want to know!

Below is a couple of links which can tell you information on Breast Cancer, what to do if you've diagnosed and also how to talk to someone.


When I saw Avon tweet on twitter I new I wanted to do something! We've all heard of Avon Cosmetics haven't we? Well they have said "For every woman who commits to the Avon Breast Promise, Avon will allocate £1 or €1 to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade."

The link is above! I've made my promise and added it below!
Have you had Breast Cancer? Know someone who has? Do you have an inspirational story you want to share for other women? Email us at inspirewomen @ gmail.com (remove spaces) and you could share your story on the blog to inspire other women! (You will not be compensated for sharing your story) 
As part of Breast Cancer Awareness month we have a few more posts coming so please be on the look out. But as we want people to get involved we have decided to do a little giveaway!
We are giving away a pink and white Avon Breast Cancer Crusade Nail File to one lucky person this giveaway is open worldwide and will end at the end of October!
The winner will be chosen by raffle copter and given 72 hours to reply, if you do not reply within the time frame a new winner will be chosen.
The prize will be posted out at the end of November!
Enter Below and good luck!
Remember Be Confident, Be Sexy!
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