Saturday, 6 October 2012

Life just got 50 Shades better!

Hello Ladies!

Don't be shy and act like you don't know what this post is about! We've ALL heard of the delightful, orgasmic Christian Grey by now and whether you been more adventurous than others with his wild life style, I can tell you it's about to get even better!

If I'm honest... will you be too? I've been keeping this in for quite awhile but the bedroom department for me has gotten more adventurous since reading the novels so I owe all my thanks to the phenomenal E.L James who without her novels we'd never have had so many moans smiles before! ;)

Have you heard of Of course you have! It's one of the best sex toy retailers about! If you haven't heard of it then you've been missing out, alot! It caters to ALL your dreams and desires and also lets you explore other new experiences plus the best bit? Even if it's belting down with rain outside you don't need to leave your house and get soaked to have a jookie through their  products as it's all online!

I know what your thinking GET TO THE POINT!

Anastasia Steele and her whipping boyfriend have caused controversy around the world which has left women with high expectations and men.... knackered? Women all around the world have become increasingly intrigued by the life style and fantasies of A Mr Christian Grey and his Red Room of Pain!

It has led to many purchasing items wanting to get a feel of the book in real life... but everything we buy it's never the right colour... shape.... size.... or Christian Greyie... is it?

Well! have teamed up with none other than E.L  James (author of bestselling 50 Shades Trilogy) to bring us ladies the best experience and Christmas of our life!

The 50 Shades of Grey Pleasure Products!
While you're sitting there in awe! Want to know the best bit?
I know your wanting to scream from the high heavens but you can later.... in bed! Before you go running to your bf/gf/husband//wife/partner telling them your christmas list you haven't heard the best bit yet!
Yes I know there's more coming! (Not in that way you filthy lot)
ALL products will cost between £10-£40!
Ahhh!! I know who will be on Santa's naughty list this year..... how about you??
Want to have a look at this new wonderful, arousing, intense sex toy collection that will be coming to you before Christmas? Well click here:
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Have you read 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy? What did you think? Have a perfect Christian Grey? What do you think of the new pleasure products? Any your favourite?
Be Confident Be Sexy!

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